ABC TILE GROUT with BIO-TECH is an antibacterial, high quality tile joint filler for all tile and stoneware with a tile joint width of 2-6mm. BIO-TECH SYSTEM protects against growth of fungus. It has anti-mold & mildew properties incorporated during the manufacturing process, perfect to prevent the build up of fungi especially on water exposed areas to ensure lasting protection.

  • Anti – Anti – mold & mildew
  • Anti – bacterial
  • Stain Resistant
  • Durable & Crack – free
  • Non-fading & uniform color
  • Professional Finish
  • Eco-friendly & Low VOC Levels


Variant Tile Size Joint Width Approx. Coverage
Tile Grout Original

Bio-Tech Tile Grout
2kg30 x 30cm3mm8m²
Sanded Tile Grout 5kg10 x 10cm10mm2m²
Coverage is dependent on tile size, substrate condition and tile joint width.


F1 Bahama Beige, F2 Sandel, F3 Dark Beige, F4 Mango, F5 Olive Green, F6 Mid Brown, F7 Moss Green, F10 Carmine Red, F11 Terra Cotta, F13 Anthracite, F14 Gray, F15 White, F16 Cream, F17 Ocher, F22 Mint Green, F23 Peach, F24 Pink, P8 Sorento Blue, P12 Black, P20 Dark Brown, P25 Burgundy, P32 Dark Blue, P33 Dark Green


  • 2 kg plastic bag – ABC Tile Grout Original & Bio-Tech Tile Grout
  • 5kg plastic bag – Sanded Tile Grout
  • 25kg multilayer paper bag available for all variants upon special request.

Storage & Shelf Life:  Store in a cool dry place. ABC Tile Grout will remain usable 18 months from date of manufacture.

Warranty: Due to variety of applications, different working methods and the various properties of bases, we cannot assume responsibility or liability with regard to the application of our products. Our guarantee and liability are restricted to the quality of our products at the time of acceptance of the customer of such products. In no case shall our liability extend beyond replacement of defective products, if any, found at the time of acceptance. For all deliveries and services, our General Sales Condition including warranties stipulated for each case are valid.

How to use Bio-Tech Tile Grout

1. Mixing
Caution: Use only non-absorptive materials as mixing base (plastic pail or G.I. sheet). If absorptive materials such as plywood, wooden box, gypsum board, fiber cement board or cardboard is used, it will affect the chemical properties of the product, which can result in bonding failure & poor product performance.

In a clean plastic pail, pour water or ABC Tile Grout Waterproofing & add tile grout powder. Mix to attain lump-free consistency. Let it rest for 15 minutes & restir briefly before use. Observe pot life.

Pot Life
Tile Grout mixed w/ Water 1 hour
Tile Grout mxied w/ ABC Tile Grout Waterproofing 20 mins.

TIP: ABC Tile Grout Waterproofing additive is recommended to safeguard tiled areas that are frequently or permanently immersed in water for lasting protection.

Mixing Ratio
Variant mixed w/ watermixed w/ ABC Tile Grout Waterproofing
Tile Grout Original2kg 650ml 750ml
Bio-Tech Tile Grout2kg 650ml 750ml
Sanded Tile Grout5kg 1000ml 1125ml

2. Application

Spread tile grout mortar diagonally using a squeegee.  Apply pressure to fill joints uniformly.

TIP: For a long-lasting grout job, make sure all the joints are completely filled with grout. To accomplish this, make several passes over the same area from different directions with the squeegee or grout float.

3. Finishing / Cleaning
After 5 minutes remove haze on tiles with a damp sponge. Let dry. Polish remaining residue with a lint-free cloth to reveal the tile grout color. Ready for foot traffic after 24 hours.