ZEMBOND Mortar & Plaster Aid is a high quality acrylic based additive formulated to improve the strength & workability of ordinary mortar as admixture, bonding slurry and scratch coat. It increases strength, controls temperature cracks, reduces dust build up & bonds fresh mortar to old concrete & smooth raw concrete (e.g. beams & columns) 

1. ZEMBOND Additive to Regular Mortar

  • Increases bonding of mortar to masonry wall or raw concrete
  • Improves bonding strength between new & old plaster or concrete
  • Prevents shrinkage cracking
  • Reduces brittleness of concrete
  • Improves water resistance
  • Improves compressive & tensile strength
  • Increases abrasion resistance
  • Eliminates concrete surface roughening
  • Controls mortar’s water loss for proper curing
  • Controls temperature cracks on concrete topping
  • Reduces dust build-up on concrete topping
  • Controls mortar’s water loss for proper curing

2. ZEMBOND as Bonding Slurry

  • Bonds fresh mortar to old concrete
  • Increases bonding of mortar to masonry wall or raw concrete
  • Eliminates concrete surface roughening

3. ZEMBOND as Primer over waterproofing

  • Aids skimcoat (Zemcoat Thin Plastering) or regular plaster to securely bond with cementitious waterproofing (Aquashield Plus)


  • Crack Resistant
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Extra Strong
  • Renovations
  • Eliminates Chipping
  • High Water Retention

Zembond Usage Application thickness Coverage (approx.)
4LModified MortarPlaster16 mm5.2 m²
Concrete Topping25 mm1.66 m²
Bonding Slurry2 - 4 mm (approx.)16 m²
Primer0.5 - 1.5 mm (approx.)4 m²

Packaging: 1L & 4L plastic container

Storage & Shelf Life:  Store in a cool dry place. Zembond Mortar & Plaster Aid will remain usable one year from date of manufacture.

Warranty: Due to variety of applications, different working methods and the various properties of bases, we cannot assume responsibility or liability with regard to the application of our products. Our guarantee and liability are restricted to the quality of our products at the time of acceptance of the customer of such products. In no case shall our liability extend beyond replacement of defective products, if any, found at the time of acceptance. For all deliveries and services, our General Sales Condition including warranties stipulated for each case are valid.

How to use Zembond – Mortar & Plaster Aid

Caution: Shake well before use. Use only non-absorptive materials as mixing base (plastic pail or galvanized iron sheets). If absorbent materials such as plywood, wooden box, gypsum board, fiber cement board or cardboard is used, it will affect the chemical properties of the product, which can result in bonding failure and poor product performance. 

 1. ZEMBOND as Mortar Admixture

Mix Zembond with clean water. Use this as gauging water for the cement and sand mixture. Note: Water consumption is dependent on mortar use, moisture content of sand and weather conditions.

Mixing Ratio Zembond Cement
Regular Strength4L1 bag
Heavy-Duty Strength6L1 bag

2. ZEMBOND as Bonding Slurry

Mix Zembond with portland cement until you achieve a creamy consistency. Apply the slurry immediately using a stiff brush before the mixture hardens.

Mixing Ratio
1 part
1.5 parts

Note: Apply mortar mixture only when slurry is still tacky.

3. ZEMBOND as Primer over Aquashield Plus Waterproofing

Apply pure Zembond using a stiff bristle brush (Tampico) over the waterproofed surface before Zemcoat Skimcoat.

TIP:  Mark areas where Zembond has been applied since the product becomes clear as it cures.