ABC GYPSUM COMPOUND is a multi-purpose joint & gap filler, made of high quality binders and selected non-toxic fillers. It is suitable for a wide range of indoor & outdoor application areas (roof eaves, ceiling boards, concrete walls) for non-structural filling, leveling and patching. It easily achieves smooth and seamless walls and ceilings. This formulation is weather resistant and easy to use. It is less prone to cracks due to its thick application making it the perfect product to correct indoor and outdoor surface imperfections up to 3 mm before sanding. ABC Gypsum Compound is ideal for use on large application areas since it is cost-effective and budget-friendly.


Non-structural filling, level & patching over concrete, plywood/wood, gypsum and fiber cement board (embedding fasteners, metal strips for corners, baseboards on walls, cornices on ceilings, connecting joints in between panels with wire mesh, drywall tape, paper tape and strip fasteners).


  • Excellent hiding power & smooth finish
  • Excellent bonding
  • Weather resistant (ideal for roof eaves)
  • Fast & easy application
  • Low shrinkage (will not easily delaminate)
  • Non-sag (ideal for overhead application)
  • Crack resistant (flexible to prevent hairline cracks)
  • Good sanding properties
  • Compatible with masonry paint
  • Eco-friendly (low volatile organic compound levels)


Concrete substrate must be fully cured, structurally stable, level and dry. Make sure the surface is clean and free of paint and contaminants such as dirt, dust, loose material, oils and chemicals.

How to use Gypsum Compound

1. Mixing
Pour water into a plastic pail and gradually add Gypsum Compound. Stir mixture and let stand for 5 minutes. Stir again briefly to attain a smooth and lump free consistency.
Caution: Never mix old batch with new batch.

MIXING RATIO (approx.)
Gypsum CompoundWater
1 kg350 ml
15 kg5.2 L

2. Application

 Joint & Gap Filler – apply a layer of joint compound to cover the joint width or gap. Embed a gypsum tape over the joint compound application and apply another layer once the application dries. Use sandpaper to smoothen the applied area.
Patching & Leveling – use light strokes on entire wall area to cover tek screws, nails, etc. Allow each coat to dry completely. Smoothen the final coat by using fine sandpaper prior to finishing.

3. Installation

Follow the paint manufacturer’s instruction regarding priming and application of customary or textured paint finishes.


COVERAGE (approx.)
Joint & Gap Filler45 linear meter joints at 15cm width
Leveling compound60 m² per coat

Packaging: 2 kg plastic pouch and 15 kg multilayer paperbag

Storage & Shelf Life:  When stored in a cool dry place & in its original unopened packaging, ABC Gypsum Compound will remain usable one year from date of manufacture.

Warranty: Due to variety of applications, different working methods and the various properties of bases, we cannot assume responsibility or liability with regard to the application of our products. Our guarantee and liability are restricted to the quality of our products at the time of acceptance of the customer of such products. In no case shall our liability extend beyond replacement of defective products, if any, found at the time of acceptance. For all deliveries and services, our General Sales Condition including warranties stipulated for each case are valid.