Worldbex S`ervices International held its annual Worldbex trade show last March 2014. As one of the major building and construction industry events in the country, it became the channel where  Allgemeine Bau-Chemie Phil., Inc. introduced one of its latest innovative products – the ABC 2 in 1 Mosaic Tile Adhesive & Grout.

This 2 in 1 Adhesive & Grout bonds and grouts your mosaic tiles all in one step. ABC recommends using the thinbed method application for faster, professional and lasting tile installations. The 2 in 1 mortar is economical because it saves time and labor costs. Made of high quality portland cement, natural fillers and selected chemical additives, ABC 2 in 1 is an eco-friendly product that assures lasting adhesion. To meet the demands of the Philippine market, ABC 2 in 1 also comes in color white to beautify and brighten your tiles at the same time.

A pioneer in modern tiling technology, ABC Phil. Inc. has developed the latest building solution for a faster and more convenient Mosaic Tile Installation.