Can ABC Tile Adhesive be used directly after waterproofing?…

Why ABC Tile Adhesive Heavy-duty is a Must

Nowadays high quality tiles have very low porosity, almost like glass. Tile manufacturers apply a thin coating of wax at the back of the tile, which makes the tile water resistant and prevents discoloration. This causes the tile to be slippery and much more difficult to bond with the substrate. It is now, more than ever necessary to use a strong tile adhesive rather than ordinary cement. ABC Tile Adhesive Heavy-Duty provides mechanical & chemical bonding to ensure proper adhesion.

Use ABC Tile Adhesive Heavy-Duty for

  •  all low porosity tile types and sizes inclusive of large format tiles
  •  non-concrete tiling (gypsum board, fiber cement, wood, metal, existing tiles, etc.) outdoor
  •  tiling as well as building facades and stone cladding

2 Easy Steps to Prevent Cracks on Walls

Regular mortar has a tendency to lose its bonding strength over time. Because regular mortar is not resistant to cracks, it will not stop thin plastering or paint from cracking. To prevent such unwanted cracks use Zembond, which modifies your mortar to make it crack resistant. A strong plaster reflects on your finishing (such as skimcoating before painting), making it long lasting & crack-free. Adding Zembond also increases the mortar’s bonding strength.

White colored skim coat is not only time saving, it is also economical. You save on labor & material costs. Zemcoat is compatible with masonry paints for direct application. No need for concrete neutralizer, concrete putty and sanding (for surface corrections). A thin layer of paint will perfectly seal the silky smooth skimcoat finish. Ideal for thin plastering before painting walls, ceilings, columns and beams to achieve a superior finish.

You Can Feel Cool & Save Energy at the Same Time
ABC Phil., Inc.’s contribution to the country’s various Go Green campaigns, is to promote eco-friendly products. In this era, where effects of global warming have become reality, the rising temperature has added to the increasing cost of energy to shelter us from heat. To address this concern, ABC has developed Thermoshield – a high quality insulating mortar, designed to shield your walls and ceilings to achieve cooler surroundings. Applying Thermoshield as replacement to regular mortar plaster on your outside walls, makes your structure 7x more resistant to heat / sun exposure. Thermoshield delivers function without compromising the design of your structure. Use Thermoshield today to lower your cooling costs & increase your pocket savings. As an added benefit, the non-combustible components which make up Thermoshield, make it harder for fire to penetrate through your walls, for safer living conditions.

Multibond is Toluene Free

Toluene is a liquid used in gasoline, paints, coatings, furnishings, inks and cleaning agents. Studies have shown that exposure to high levels of Toluene can harm the central nervous system causing dizziness, headache, respiratory infection, and other more serious complications. As a pioneer in Innovative Building Materials, ABC Phil., Inc. has developed a Toluene Free product to create a safe and hazard free environment during installations and renovations. ABC Multibond is a water-based vinyl tile, carpet and wood parquet adhesive with 2x higher adhesive strength than contact cement or PVAC. It is suitable for direct installation of all rubber back or wood finishes. It can also be used to correct minor surface imperfections or as gap fillers. ABC Multibond is a strong adhesive, free from the adverse effects of Toluene, creating a safer environment for your easy Vinyl or Parquet installation fixes.

Firestop Sealant can Delay Spread of Fire/Smoke by 4 Hours

Unforeseen events catch us unprepared, but thinking ahead may save you and your family from danger. Prevent the spread of smoke and fire by using ABC Firestop Sealant. This fire rated acrylic gap filler is non combustible and flexible to fill ducting openings, pipes and jambs where fire or smoke may pass through. Flames need oxygen to spread. Filling unwanted gaps with ABC Firestop Sealant enables you to starve the flames from oxygen, which results in a delay of up to four hours. It is good to have added protection which ABC Firestop Sealant can give, so your family can safely sleep at night.