Can ABC Tile Adhesive be used directly after waterproofing?…

Technical Support & Service

As a service to our valued customers, ABC provides a Technical Support & Service Team, which upon request, conducts quality inspections & offer technical assistance in regard to a professional application of all our products.
TILE INSTALLATION Our service team can oversee professional tile installations, teaching the ABC thin-bed method.   
WATERPROOFING DEMO  Our service team can provide technical assistance and teach the proper application of waterproofing before tiling, as well as the general installation of cementitious waterproofing.   
SPECIALTY APPLICATION DEMOS Upon request, our service team can demonstrate applications of various construction specialty products like skimcoat, construction joint sealant, insulation mortar, self leveling mortar and floor hardener.   
ABC TILING 101 MOBILE APP was created to further assist professionals and homeowners on tiling material consumption calculations and provide choices for all kinds of tile installations. This free tool is available atGoogle Play Store 1 and App Store 1Download now!