How to use Sanded Tile Grout

1. Mixing / Paghalo

Pour water into the pail & add tile grout powder. Mix to attain lump-free consistency. Let it rest for 15 minutes & restir briefly before use.

Note: Use within the 1 hour pot life.

Reminder / Paalala

Clean tiles & tile joints from excess tile adhesive & other loose material before applying the tile grout.

Dampen tile joints with a sponge or brush before applying the tile grout.

2. Application / Pagpahid

Using a squeegee, spread grout diagonally applying pressure to fill joints uniformly.

3. Cleaning / Paglinis

After 5 minutes, remove haze on tiles with a damp sponge.

Reminder / Paalala

Polish remaining residue with a lint-free cloth to reveal the grout color.