How to use ABC Tile Adhesive Low-Dust

1. Mixing / Paghalo

Use ONLY non-absorbent materials as mixing base
(plastic pail or galvanized iron sheet).

Pour water into container and add ABC TILE ADHESIVE LOW-DUSTthat can be used within the pot life of 4 hours. POT LIFE is the time during which the mix can be used.

Using a mixing torque, stir to attain a smooth, lump-free & pasty consistency. Let it rest for 15 minutes & restir briefly before use.

2. Thinbed Application / Paggamit

Dampen surface before application.

Use a notched trowel to spread mortar evenly over an area of 1m² at a time to produce a ribbed thinbed. For large format tiles or stoneware, apply tile adhesive on two surfaces (on the substrate and at the back of the tile or stone to be installed).

3. Tile Installation / Pagkabit ng tile

Install tiles within the open time of 20 minutes. Within the open time, the mortar’s adhesive strength is most effective.

 Adjust and align tiles. Use a rubber mallet to apply pressure on the tiles & assure proper bonding.


– Do random checks if the back of the tiles are fully covered with tile adhesive.
– Check if tile adhesive mortar still adheres to your finger to find out if the open time has not lapsed. If open time has lapsed remove old tile adhesive layer and reapply a new one to avoid bonding failure. NEVER add newly prepared tile adhesive to a previously mixed batch.
– Use tile spacers for uniform grout lines. A tile joint width is needed to accommodate possible tile movement due to thermal deformation, substrate shrinkage or tile expansion, thus preventing the tile from cracking.