How to use 2in1 Mosaic Tile Adhesive & Grout

1. Mixing / Paghalo

Pour clean water into a container and add ABC 2 in 1 powder. Stir to attain a smooth, lump-free and flow-able consistency. Use immediately after mixing.

2. Application / Paggamit

Dampen surface before applying ABC 2 in 1 mortar.

Spread mortar evenly over 1m2 at a time using a 10 x 10mm notched trowel to achieved a ribbed thinbed.

3. Installation / Pagkakabit

Position mosaic tiles within the 20 minute OPEN TIME.

Apply pressure using a rubber faced float to squeeze out mortar along grout lines. Distribute excess mortar along grout lines using a squeegee.

TIP: Use tile spacers for uniform grout lines and perfect alignment.

4. Cleaning / Paglilinis

Remove excess mortar with damp sponge in diagonal strokes.

Remove haze with a clean, damp and lint-free cloth.