How to use Zemcoat Super Fine

How to use Zemcoat Super Fine

1. Surface Preparation / Paghahanda sa pagpapahiran

Substrate must be structurally sound, clean & free from loose concrete, dirt, form oil & other contaminants. Prior to application, wet substrate well with clean water using a sponge or a roller brush. For outdoor application & during extreme hot weather conditions, such as noon time or summer, wet substrate very well and more frequently before applying skimcoat.

2. Mixing / Paghalo

In a clean non-absorptive pail (plastic or galvanized iron), mix clean water with Zemcoat Super Fine. Mixture should attain a smooth, creamy & lump-free consistency. Use a mixing torque for best results. Mixing time:
2 – 3 minutes. Let mixture rest for 15 minutes. Mix again briefly before use.

Do not add additional water after final mix.

3. Application / Pagpapahid

While the substrate is still damp, apply Zemcoat Super Fine to desired application thickness (0 – 2mm) using a steel trowel. Pot Life: 3 – 4 hours.
Setting time: 30 minutes. Curing time: 24 hours. If there is a need to increase the application thickness, apply a second coat just before the first coat is about to set.

TIP: Zemcoat Super Fine has set when the finish looks matte. If needed, sprinkle a small amount of water when the surface is about to set, then smoothen to the desired finish.