How to use Zembond

1. Surface Preparation / Paghahanda ng paglalagyan

The surface must be structurally stable & level. Concrete surface must be clean & free from contaminants such as dirt, dust, loose materials, oils & chemicals. If needed, acid etch the surface to be plastered (e.g marble or granolithic floors). For wall applications, remove flaking paint from the substrate using paint remover, or by scraping it off the wall. Slightly dampen concrete surface before application.

Shake well before use.

2. Mixing / Paghalo

Zembond as Mortar Admixture.

Mix Zembond with clean water. Use this mix as gauging water for the cement and sand mixture.

Zembond Primer used as Bonding Slurry. 

Mix Zembond with portland cement until you achieve a creamy consistency. Apply the slurry immediately using a stiff brush before the mixture hardens.
Apply mortar mixture only when slurry is still tacky.

Zembond as Scratch coat over Waterproofing (Aquashield Plus).

Apply pure Zembond using a stiff bristle brush (Tampico) over the waterproofed surface.

  TIP: Mark areas where Zembond has been applied since the product becomes clear as it cures.