How to use Thermoshield

1. Surface Preparation / Paghahanda sa pagpapahiran

The surface must be fully cured, structurally stable, level, even, clean & free from contaminants such as dirt, dust, loose material, oils and chemicals. The use of a spirit level bar is essential to ensure levelness and / or plumbness of the surface.

2. Mixing / Paghalo

Use only non-absorptive materials as mixing base (plastic pail or galvanized iron sheet).
Pour water into container and add THERMOSHIELD that can be used within the pot life of 3 hours. POT LIFE is the time during which the mix can be used.
Using a mixing torque, stir to attain a smooth, lump-free and pasty consistency. Let it rest for 15 minutes & restir briefly before use.

3. Application / Pagpahid

WALL Application – THERMOSHIELD is directly applied on hollow blocks or on a concrete surface using a steel trowel, just like regular mortar.

DOUBLE WALL Application -THERMOSHIELD can be applied in between 2 CHB walls by simply pouring the mix into the cavity.

ROOF DECK Application – THERMOSHIELD can be applied directly on the concrete slab or after protecting the concrete with cementitious waterproofing.

4. Finishing / Pagtatapos

For Wall Applications, ZEMCOAT Skimcoat is recommended to be applied on top of THERMOSHIELD after 7 days curing, before applying paint or wallpaper.

For Roof Deck Applications, Aquashield Plus Flexible Waterproofing must be applied to protect and seal THERMOSHIELD. Refer to sectional detail C for proper application.

NOTE: During the final process of curing, protect the initial and final layers by damp curing with burlap or polyethylene sheets to avoid direct sunlight for 2 days.