How to use Firestop Sealant

1. Surface Preparation / Paghahanda sa paglalagyan

The surface must be fully cured & structurally stable. Make sure the surface is dry, clean & free from contaminants such as dirt, dust, loose material, oils & chemicals.

2. Application / Paggamit

Use a standard caulking gun to dispense the sealant. Ensure the sealant is in contact with both sides of joints & gaps. Use foam backer rods to establish good bonding at the sides & to control the depth of the sealant.

3. Cleaning / Paglilihis

Wet your finger with soapy water to smoothen out the silicone sealant seam. The soap prevents the sealant from sticking to your finger. Remove any excess sealant from surface with knife or spatula. Depending on humidity & temperature, applied sealant is touch dry approx. 30 minutes.

Note: Protect from water exposure for at least 4 hours after application.