ABC 2 in 1 Mosaic Tile Adhesive & Grout

First in the Philippine market, ABC 2 in 1 Mosaic Tile Adhesive & Grout was developed for faster and more convenient Mosaic Tile Installations. It is a 2 in 1 product that bonds and grouts ceramic and glass mosaic tiles all – in – one step. Set to be released on the second half of 2016, watch out for ABC 2 in 1 Mosaic Tile Adhesive & Grout in stores near you.


Level T15

To achieve even and level floors, ABC has developed a new cement – based self leveling screed, specifically designed as a surface preparation for special floor finishes such as laminates, resilient floors, wood floors and hard floors. LEVEL T15 is an alternative to concrete topping for commercial and residential use. Available on installed basis directly at  ABC Phil., Inc.



 OTHER PRODUCTSBIO-TECH SYSTEM ABC introduces the BIO-TECH SYSTEM, an Anti-Bacterial formulation that inhibits growth of fungus, mold and mildew to ensure clean, healthy and hygienic living, Bio-tech System is incorporated during the manufacturing process, for increased potency and lasting protection. These 3 products (Tile Grout with BIO-TECH, Tile Grout Waterproofing, Sanitary Grade – Silicone Sealant) are all ABC Products with the Bio-Tech System.

Tile Grout Waterproofing

ABC launched its new packaging of TILE GROUT WATERPROOFING. This new 750ml pouch bag is the exact dosage for use with 2kg ABC Tile Grout.



(Fire Rated Acrylic Sealant)

ABC has also introduced FIRESTOP SEALANT which is available at all authorized dealers. This Fire Rated Acrylic Sealant effectively seals gaps & joints against the spread of fire, smoke, toxic gasses & water.


AQUASHIELD PLUS FLEXIBLE CEMENTITIOUS WATERPROOFING will come out with a new look for the 27kg bag which will soon be available at authorized dealers.


has a new 1L pouch bag packaging which replaced the 1L plastic bottle. Available at all authorized dealers.