How to use Gypsum Compound

1. Surface Preparation / Paghahanda sa pagpapahiran

The surface must be fully cured, structurally stable and level. Make sure the surface is clean and free from contaminants such as dirt, dust, loose material, oils and chemicals. If needed, acid etch the surface area to be applied (e.g. on existing polished or waxed floors).

2. Mixing / Paghalo

Gradually pour the powder into a non-absorptive mixing container (plastic pail or galvanized iron) filled with clean tap water. Stir mixture using a spatula and let stand for 5 minutes. Stir again to attain a creamy smooth consistency.

3. Application / Paggamit

Joint Filler / Pagpuno ng Dugtungan

Apply a layer of gypsum putty to cover the joint and its surrounding edges . Embed a gypsum tape on top of the joint compound and apply another layer once the tape dries. Sand the joint compound to smoothen the applied area.

Patching & Leveling / Pagtapal at Pagpantay

For patching walls use light strokes to cover the holes. Allow each coat to dry completely. Smoothen the final coat by using sand paper prior to finishing.

3. Finishing / Pagtatapos

Follow the paint manufacturer’s instruction regarding priming and application of customary or textured paint finishes.